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Guarantee Customer Confidence In The Safety Of Your Business When You Reopen

Reopening videos by Five on a Bike Ltd.

Reopening Videos For Businesses

Stunning video templates to ensure customer confidence when reopening your business.

About Reopening Videos

ReopeningVideos.com was created by the creative team at Five on a Bike Ltd. We knew that ‘business as usual’ may look a little bit different for while, so we wanted to create a simple, low-cost tool for businesses to bring confidence to their customers that their business is the safest possible place to be.

What Could Your Reopening Video Look Like?

Take a look at our example video below, made up of 9 of our standardised scenes and our standard colour choices.


  • inc. VAT 
  • Perfect for social media promotion
  • Boost your post-lockdown marketing email
  • Scenes for POS screens 
  • Your logo included
  • £5 of every sale donated to charity 

Scenes Customised To Your Business

Select any number of our standardised scenes for your video, to communicate the safety measures you have in place.

Choose from one of our standard colours or use your brand’s custom colour for a small additional fee.

Can’t find a specific safety measure in our selection? Let us know and we’ll create a custom scene.

What's included?

Reopening Video

60-second motion graphics video
Made up of 5-10 standard slides
Your logo included
Choice of 5 colours
Generic music from Five on a Bike

+ Custom Colour Schemes

Personalised colours to suit your salon
Send us your HTML colour code or an example of your branding and we'll personalise your video accordingly

+ Custom Content
from £17

Integrate your own custom videos, photos, or audio/music
Introduce your video or explain your safety procedures further

+ Marketing Consultation

Phone call with our marketing team
Guidance on how and where to share
Assistance with Google My Business and Facebook & YouTube Advertising

Looking for something unique?

Firstly, take a look at some of our bespoke pages below!

If you like the look of our templates, but you’d rather have a unique video bespokely designed for your business, we’d love to help. We are more than happy to produce bespoke content packages on an individual basis, so do get in touch!

Why Is Your Message Important?

Instilling Customer Confidence In The Your Business

After 3 months of isolation, it's understandable that people may be skeptical about leaving their homes when all this is over. The primary purpose of a reopening video is to offer reassurance to those who are worried about coming to your business, that this is the second most safest place they could be outside of their own homes.

Recognising That Changes Will Be Taking Place

'Business as usual' is going to look a little bit different from now on. Whether you're taking additional cleaning measures, installing protective screens, or enforcing a mask-wearing policy, your reopening video is an opportunity to introduce these changes to your customers before they come for their appointment.

Boosting Your Marketing After A Difficult Few Months

Whether you're a large chain of stores with an in-house marketing team, or a small local venue, we know that marketing might seem a bit strange after the past few months. A clear, informative video about your plans to reopen is a great way to reach out to your loyal customers and to let them know what your reopening plans are.

"In my role in the fire brigade, my job was to assess risk, to have an overview of the situation, and make sure it was as safe as it could possibly be. In this scenario I am very conscious of how my customers may feel. This video will show our clients that our business is the absolute safest place that they can be"
John Roads
Gatsby and Miller

Order Your Reopening Video Now

To make creating your video as low cost & easy as possible, we have created the form below for your convenience. 

You can select the scenes you would like included & your colour from the options below, submit your payment, and your video will be in your inbox shortly!

Here's a reminder of your choices of frames:

The options you select here will add up your total price. To make a payment online, please select your Reopening Video, then any extras you would like. If you want to discuss a bespoke video with us only select the Bespoke video option.
£ 0.00
The colours above do not necessarily correlate to the slides you choose, they are just there as examples. Please select your slide options and choose your colour below.
Note: Approximately 6 scenes will fit into a 60 second video, any more than this will produce a video over 60 seconds.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Attach a copy of your logo here or alternatively put your website URL in the box below for us to retrieve it.
Let us know your custom colour here, and any other info you think we should know.

Terms and Conditions:


  1. The purchase of a reopening video on reopeningvideos.com entitles you, the client, to the licencing of a video for use on a single brand’s website and associated social media pages.
  2. The purchased reopening video is not for reuse, repurpose, or resale. Five on a Bike retains the copyright of each video and, therefore, the client must only use the video in the form which it is received. 
  3. Unless explicitly agreed by Five on a Bike, in writing, the client may not split, alter, or break the video into separate videos.   
  4. The purchased reopening video may not be used on broadcast television.


By submitting a purchase on reopeningvideos.com, you are agreeing to the terms stated above in addition to Five on a Bike’s terms and conditions, linked below. 


In the event of ambiguity or conflict between the terms and conditions stated here and the terms and conditions stated on the Five on a Bike website, these conditions will take precedence, followed by Five on a Bike’s terms and conditions. 


Finally, Five on a Bike strongly encourages that the purchase of a reopening video is done so in honesty. In creating this content, we are placing trust in our clients to sincerely carry out the safety procedures which they choose to publicise. 

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